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When you work with us, you'll benefit from customized coverage and personal advice, including information on...
Waivers of depreciation
Waivers of depreciation
Did you know that your vehicle depreciates most during the first two years after you buy it? Let us show you how to protect yourself from the possibility of that financial loss with a waiver of depreciation endorsement.
Accident forgiveness
Accident forgiveness
Why should you lose the benefits of a clean driving record for one mishap after all those years without an accident? We'll help you protect your record so you can drive with peace of mind.

Auto insurance tips you should know:

Change your pink cards
Tip 1:
Change your "pink cards"
Make sure you change your liability slips or “pink cards” every policy renewal date, and keep a copy in your vehicle at all times. This will help you avoid receiving a frustrating traffic violation and risking higher premiums.
Don't wait to fix it
Tip 2:
Don't wait to fix it
If you notice a chip in your windshield, don't wait to fix it! Bring your vehicle to a licensed glass repair shop. These shops can often repair the damage without replacing your windshield, and you will not have to pay a deductible.

Stay on top of property coverage you didn't even know you needed

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Whether you rent, own, or have an entire portfolio of properties, we've got your back. Work with us to get the right coverage for any situation that might arise, including...
Sewer backup coverage
Sewer backup coverage
It's not a pretty topic, but sewer backup is at the forefront of most property insurance conversations these days. Unfortunately, not every company will cover this type of loss in your area — and some will outright deny the coverage.
High-value home coverage
High-value home coverage
High-value homes require special attention from your insurer. From the proper home valuation to rare materials and special articles that need specific coverage, our specialized brokers are experts in helping you protect your property.
Special article floaters
Special article floaters
Have you protected the rare finds and valuable articles you've collected over the years? Sleep more soundly knowing that your collection is protected.
Custom assessments
Custom assessments
We can help you assess the proper insurance needed so you may be properly indemnified in case of theft or other losses.

You work hard,
you deserve to relax

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Rockland is renowned for our beautiful landscape and many outdoor activities — and how better to enjoy the scenery than with your leisure vehicle?
Protect your playtime with a local insurance policy that covers a whole host of recreational items, including but not limited to:
Motor homes
Utility trailers
Vacation trailers
5th wheels
Antique and classic cars
Boats and watercraft

Bulletproof your business
(not literally)

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No matter the type or size of your business, sit down with us to talk about the right policy to protect your operations, staff, and assets.
Comprehensive packages are available for commercial property and liability insurance, including:
Building, stock, and equipment
Business interruption
Mechanical breakdown
Crime coverage
(including employee dishonesty)
Professional liability
(including errors and omission, and director and officer liability)
Commercial general liability
Commercial automobile
(including fleets and trucking)
Garage policies
and much more...

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Why choose Bélanger Insurance?

Why choose Bélanger Insurance?

While you can certainly take advantage of our quick and easy web or phone service, at Bélanger Insurance, you're more than a policy number. Come see us for a face-to-face consultation so you can find the coverage you need at an affordable price.
We'd love to help you properly evaluate your property, business, and assets to protect your family, employees, and future. Choose your preferred way of working together — over the phone, on the web, at our Laurier Street office, or even at your home!

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